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You have heard of the hit television show Survivor, broadcast on CBS. Now, YOU can try to Survive in a game called Fantasy Survivor.

The rules in this contest are simple. Each week, guess which Survivor contestant will win the Reward Challenge, the Immunity Challenge, and other categories to accumulate points. After Tribal Council, as another person is voted off the show, your accumulated points will be tallied.

After the final show in the series, the person with the most points will be the crowned ultimate Fantasy Survivor.

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Posted: 2/12/2019

Tribemaster has added a new rule to clarify how the "Edge of Extinction" twist will be scored this season.

Please let us know if you have any questions by posting to the related topic in the "General Fantasy Survivor Discussions" forum.

Rule 2.9 - "Edge of Extinction" Clarifications and Rule Modifications

If after being voted out at Tribal Council the Survivor choses to go to "Edge of Extinction" (EOE) rather than choosing to leave the game, they will be placed on the "EOE Tribe" and considered to still be in the game. If the player instead chooses to pass on the EOE offer and leave the game, they will be awarded the "Out of Game" points. Players on the EOE island that decide to quit the game (or are otherwise removed) will also be awarded the points. If in any episode the player voted out goes to EOE and no one else leaves the game by any other means (quitting, medevac, eviction, etc.), then the "No Pick" selection will be awarded the "Out of Game" points.

If before going to EOE, or upon returning from EOE back into the main game, a player participates in the Challenges or is a correct answer to the Mystery Question (while back in the main game), they will be eligible to receive points for those respective categories. Otherwise players who start the episode already on the EOE island will NOT be eligible to receive points for the Reward or Immunity Challenges, the Safe category, or for the Mystery Question (unless the MQ specifically states otherwise to include them). Competitions between players on the EOE Tribe will not be scored as Challenges.

Players voted out at Tribal Council will not receive the Safe category points regardless of if they leave the game or choose to go to the EOE island.

If your MVP has been voted out and goes to EOE, they will be eligible to earn MVP Bonus Points for the various categories only as noted above. The Bonus Points for "Out of Game" will only be awarded when they leave the game. Players on EOE can be selected as your MVP, however be aware that their opportunities to earn MVP Bonus Points are limited unless the player returns from EOE back into the main game early in a particular episode.

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